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In the last decade, India has seen massive growth in the tourism industry. Meetings and Conference Market Segment has been identified as one of the new growth market segments by many senior analysts. The country thus has the potential to enter into the global realm of this industry. The importance of these global events is not just limited to a boost in the economy but also helps the home country to build contacts and a reputation fit to host more conventions and events, resulting in a loop, ultimately beneficial for the economy.

Currently, India can only boast of the Hyderabad International Convention Center (HICC), which is still not at par with the larger developments in the world. Realizing the long-term potential of this business, the State Government and the Tourism Industry have collectively formed the Hyderabad Convention Visitors Bureau to promote and market the city of Hyderabad. India can try to emulate this success story in other parts of the country and create destinations in their own right.