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The desire to stay connected to one’s roots while also standing out has only been fuelled in recent times. This project is no different in this regard. The subdued neutrals depict the millennial state of mind, whilst bringing the outdoors in and making it the focal point is a desperate attempt to reconnect to the roots, what once was the quintessential again. Balancing the forces of the sea of neutrals, the living spaces stand out with an element of color pop. The idea is to create a blank canvas that can perfectly showcase the homeowners’ connection with art as well as nature.


A little sunshine goes a long way, especially in the trying times of the evil virus!

The interiors have been designed in a sophisticated and suave manner as per the designed user behavior. Subtle details and layered materials are all that are needed for this design to come together- a quiet movement in the form of the ceiling, the paneled wall with twinkling lights set the stage for an evening soiree.
The comfortable contemporary couch and the mid-century modern chairs add to the spatial quality with their presence. Every little detail in this space calls out to the viewer and the user. The cherry on the top, or rather banana here, adds life to the house in the form of color pop. It becomes the center of attraction in both the spaces, with the cushions and coffee table in the living room and the dining table chairs in the dining area.
The materials have been selected in an attempt to balance the warmth of the wood paneling with the coolness of the white Calcutta marble.



A home is a depiction of the conflicts and resolutions that each family living together has. How each space can be crafted into something which becomes multi-dimensional and suitable for each resident. During the testing pandemic times, each individual has a favorite spot they have become partial to.

The ground floor becomes the more public realm where friends and family can be entertained. The alfresco deck becomes a part of the open kitchen and dining area once the tri-fold doors are opened up. The living room right at the entrance boasts a fluffy sofa and a luxurious lounge chair, perfect for those lazy days under the sun. And right at the heart of all the spaces lies the internal courtyard, full of greens of all colors and sizes. This courtyard binds the whole house together- right from the public realm of the living and dining area to the private confines of the master bedroom suite. The master bedroom is an attached suite of all things comfortable. The same floor also has the outdoor terrace deck adjoining the powder bathroom, extending the public realm to the upper floor as well.